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Download Lender Software Pro User Guide on how to use Lender Software Pro to create Late Notices, Calculate Payoffs, Acceleration Notices, Balloon Notices, Record Payments and Print Payment Coupons

You will find illustrated step-by-step examples in these instructions.

We recommend you print out these instructions and read at least pages 4 to 18 before you start using the software. This will prevent much frustration and error.


Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

Lender Software Pro is not tested on Mac versions of Excel.

IMPORTANT – Lender Software Pro will not work properly if used from a smartphone or iPad, as although there are versions of Excel for mobile devices, they do not support all the features and are unlikely to work.

Adobe pdf reader. Downloadable free from www.adobe.com.


Norman Linton reserves all copyright to this spreadsheet. You are welcome to forward the demo version to friends. If they wish to use a copy in their own business, they must purchase a copy from us for $49.99.

There are no annual renewal fees, nor does our software expire. You may make as many copies as you like for your own use.


No software manufacturer can or will guarantee their software is 100% bug free.  Nor can we. If not satisfied your sole remedy is to delete this software from your computer and receive a FULL REFUND from us of the price you paid.

In common with all other software providers we accept no responsibility for any losses or costs incurred by you while using these spreadsheets.

However, we have been in the Private Mortgage lending business for some 30 years. We designed this software for use in our own business and believe it is the best and easiest to use program of its type.


If you find what you believe is a bug in our software, you can follow links on our websites to our support page and contact form.

The email address and name you give in the contact form MUST be the same as those used to purchase the software. No support will be provided to anyone who has not legitimately purchased Lender Software Pro.

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