Our changelog provides updates on all versions from v1.7 that we have released along with details on what has been changed.

Check what version you have

Open Lender Software Pro and go to the Setup sheet. At the top right, there will be a version number shown in Cell M4. For example Version 1.7.1. Compare that number to the latest entry shown below.

If you are an existing customer and you are not using the latest version, it is possible our email was blocked by your spam filter. Please contact us for support and we will email you the latest version.

v1.7.8 – Released April 24 2015

  • Added support for loans greater than 10 years to be split correctly over multiple files.
  • Added notes section to Record Payments worksheet.
  • General formatting and bug fixes.

v1.7.6 – Released June 18 2014

  • Fix to Payment Coupons if date is not the 1st of the month.
  • Payoff and Acceleration templates not calculating properly if first date overriden (only applicable if the first due date has been overwritten).
  • Late Notice template fixed as was showing 1st of the month even if the first due date wasn’t.
  • Last payment date was incorrectly adding a month.
  • Per diem interest now rounded to two decimal places.
  • Year View template now includes pre-paid interest for the first year.

v1.7.2 – Released May 22 2013

  • Fix to Late Notice template as next regular payment (cell C22)┬ánot including escrow.

v1.7.1 – Released May 16 2013

  • Initial Annual Interest rate (Setup sheet, Cell C34) formatted to 2 decimal places
  • Late Charge Percent (Setup sheet, Cell C35) formatted to 2 decimal places
  • Points % (Setup sheet, Cell F37) formatted to 2 decimal places

Note: this fix displays 2 decimal places, but does not change the underlying fields and calculations which were correct.

v1.7 – Initial version released April 16 2013

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